Our Story

Founded by an established family in 1987, Sun Tekstil has come a long way from a small clothing workshop to a corporate company, and today become a leader in textile export. Dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, Sun Tekstil is a large family with 1880 employees and amongst the first 500 companies in Turkey.

Preferred by prestigious global brands Sun Tekstil designs, produces and offers trendsetting styles for customers worldwide. Mainly manufactures circular knit fabrics, knitted and woven fabrics and ready-made garments. By support of a large production network; %95 of production is women’s wear and %5 is children’s wear.

Expertise and experience in manufacturing ready-to-wear fashion, Sun Tekstil develops innovative textile products and offers all inclusive design services at global standards to provide seasonal and capsule collections exclusive for world renown fashion brands.

Considering sustainability as the main strategy in all levels of organisation and processes, Sun Tekstil has determined the architecture and operations accordingly, and is working hard to lead the industry towards digitalisation, operational excellence, work ethics and environmental awareness.


  • 1987 – Sun Tekstil founded in İzmir
  • 1989 – First Export
  • 1991 –  Knitting  Department established
  • 1994 – Dyeing Department established
  • 1996 – Printing Department established
  • 1997 – Jimmy Key Brand founded in İzmir
  • 2000 – Ekoten Tekstil founded in İzmir
  • 2010 – Research and Development Centre established in İzmir
  • 2012 – Joint Venture of Ames Europe
  • 2012 – London and Leicester Design Offices established in UK
  • 2012 – La Coruna Design Office established in Spain
  • 2016 – Manisa/Turkey production plant
  • 2017 – Production started in Sri Lanka
  • 2018 – Knitting production capacity invesment

Some Facts

  • A Fortune 500 company in Turkey.
  • Designing and producing circular knit and woven ladieswear.
  • Production capacity of 4 million pieces per month
  • Turnover over 200 million USD per year
  • Fast fashion and design driven, forecasting the upcoming trends.
  • Creating 1.500 new designs every month.
  • Strong in design, graphic design and fabric development.
  • Sustainable production in Turkey and Sri Lanka
  • Vertical with own jersey fabric mill which is one of the best in Turkey.