Together For a Better Future

We care about our planet and we strongly believe in building a sustainable economy to provide a better future for all of us.

Products Loved by Nature

Respect for the Environment

Driving Change Through Big Data

Unique Culture and Great People

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Speaking the Language of Sustainability

Respecting Nature Respecting People

Our values help us drive positive change and act in a rewarding way as a trusted partner in the fashion industry. As one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Turkey and a solution partner for global brands, we know we can make a real difference. As we wholeheartedly believe, style, design, and production have to speak the language of sustainability, helping to transform the fashion industry for the better.

We are aware of our current impact and we believe we should help create a better world. In order to achieve this vital goal, all our corporate strategies and policies are defined within the framework of sustainability. We plan all our actions and progress based on our sustainability plan, which is structured on our corporate values. We aim to make sustainability a part of Sun Tekstil’s DNA.

Leading the way to a sustainable textile industry for a better future

For this reason, we set our company goals and values in a way that is as economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable as possible. We ensure ethical product sourcing for all areas of the business. We invest in people to ensure sustainability and we strive to make all aspects of our business environmentally friendly.

As Sun Tekstil, we are a participant in the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, UN Global Compact. We support 17 SDGs and we have identified four SDGs that we believe can have the greatest impact and contribution.

Explore Our Sustainability Journey

1. Products Loved by Nature

We adopt an environmentally friendly approach in all our processes, from design sketch to product.


2. Respect for the Environment

The textile and apparel industry is one of the most damaging sectors to the environment and this has led us to focus more on protecting the future of our planet.

3. Driving Change through Big Data

We multiplied the efficiency level of our sustainable design and production processes with our digital transformation practices.

4. Unique Culture and Great People

Creating an inclusive environment where our colleagues can be their best selves increases productivity, ensures continuity, and helps us attract and retain talent.