Respect for Environment

Protecting the Future of Our Planet

Being aware of the fact the textile and apparel industry is one of the most damaging sectors to the environment has led us to focus more on protecting the future of our planet.

Our aim goes beyond legal obligations, to limit our impact on the environment and to complete the projects we have initiated in order to eliminate or minimize all kinds of waste.

Thanks to our environmental policy that we designed beyond legal requirements and our energy policy that enables us to use the world’s resources more efficiently, we constantly improve our environmentally friendly practices. We believe the power of transparency and share our results through Carbon Disclosure Platform (CDP) since 2012.

We care and protect the environment at every step of our business

We use recycled and recyclable packaging and labeling materials in all our samples for all our products.

We start implementing of Zero Waste System in all Sun Grup Companies by 2019.

For all our supply chain including dyeing and finishing processes, we support efficiency and conscious usage of water, zero usage of toxic chemicals within the scope of ZDHC and usage of chemicals according to the legal requirements.

We have a holistic grading system where we evaluate our suppliers on a monthly basis under the seven main criteria. These are; Operational Evaluation, Technical Evaluaion, Social Compliance, Environmental Compliance, Financial Status, Corporate Governance Grading and Competency Management Grading.

We evaluate the performance results of our suppliers. We hold regular training sessions with our suppliers to make sure they understand our technical requirements and production standards. Our teams are in the field working side by side with them throughout the production process.

We completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of our kniting factory in Torbali, Izmir. We produced 985,196 kWh of the annual electricity requirement of the factory just from solar energy. Therefore saving the energy equivalent of 459 tons of CO2 emissions.

We carry out activities that improve our employees’ knowledge and change their perceptions in order to increase environmental awareness and develop environmentally friendly solutions together.

We have always considered our suppliers and manufacturers as part of our team and shared all our knowledge of sustainability practices with them. Fort his reason, we carry out training programmes for all stakeholders. In 2019 we have planted an additional 10,000 trees in Sun Grup forest.

Explore Our Sustainability Journey

1. Products Loved by Nature

We adopt an environmentally friendly approach in all our processes, from design sketch to product.

2. Respect for Environment

Textile and apparel industry is one of the most damaging sectors to the environment has led us to focus more on protecting the future of our planet.

3. Driving Change with Big Data

We multiplied the efficiency level of our sustainable design and production processes with our digital transformation practice.

4. Unique Culture and Great People

Creating an inclusive environment where our colleagues can be their best selves increases productivity, sustains our business continuity and helps us to attract and retain talent.