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We aspire to improve people’s lives through technical textile integrated products.

Sun Tekstil R&D Center, certified and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, was established in 2010. Understanding customer needs and pain points, designing user-friendly solutions, building strong collaboration for market-oriented products, and delivering innovative B2B or B2C solutions are our core values. Our R&D Center has three main areas of activity: Fashion Technologies, Industrial Transformation, and Protective Technologies.

Fashion Technologies

We follow the generational changes in the fashion industry and focus our efforts on rising trends, with a sustainable approach. We define our vision by setting our strategies, in light of the latest technological developments in the ready-to-wear industry. Sustainable design is one of our priorities, and we base our work on this core. Determining the choice of materials and digitalization as our two main processes, we invest in the future of the fashion industry. We place great emphasis on collaboration and the synergy of different disciplines, working with a wide range of partners to give life to innovative fashion technologies.

In the highly competitive fashion industry, we aim not only to survive but to thrive! In this vision, we continue our work in sustainable fashion, functional and industrial fashion design, the digitalization of fashion, wearable technologies, and online platforms in the future of the fashion industry.

Industrial Transformation

We closely follow the rising trends and technological developments in the fashion industry and invest in our future. We develop our research, development, collaboration, and innovation projects according to two main pillars in the textiles and ready-to-wear industry: sustainability and digital transformation. Our goal is to strengthen our position as one of the technological leaders in the industry. As we do this, we constantly improve our work and collaborate with many partners on different scales, from different parts of the value chain.

Conscious of our responsibility towards our world, nature, and people, we keep sustainability at the core of our R&D strategies. We research and develop sustainable raw materials, sustainable production, and sustainable manufacturing methods through different collaborative projects.

Enhancing our capabilities is critical to us, and Sun Tekstil Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 practices are a part of our culture. We continue our work towards the digitalization of new products, processes, and manufacturing methods, and work in a range of areas including end-to-end traceability, error minimization, systems to support decision-making, digitalizing the way we work, human-robot interactions, and digital devices to support our business model.

Protective Technologies

We work with protective clothing, equipment, and materials in this area of activity. In order for our country to strengthen its position and increase its competitiveness in the global protective textiles sector, we continue our work in this field which has higher added value in comparison to traditional textiles production.

We research innovative new materials and production methods for protective textiles; a key area within technical textile products. Using innovative materials and technological manufacturing methods, we are able to create ground-breaking products through our R&D processes. Thanks to our technical infrastructure, we carry out tests and analyses in our own R&D Laboratory. Our knowledge and expertise, based on our production background, also help us support the development of technical textiles.

Our Awards

• RDCONF R&D and Innovation Awards 1st Rank, 2022

• TechXtile Textile Innovation League Champion, 2021

• Inovalig Innovation Cycle Category Champion, 2019

• UTİB 11th International R&D Brokerage Event Textile Innovation League Champion, 2019

• UTİB 10th International R&D Brokerage Event in the Textile and Clothing Sector: Most Innovative Textile Company, 2018

• Inovalig Innovation Cycle Category 2nd Rank, 2017

• Inovalig Innovation Cycle Category 4th Rank, 2015

• UTİB 9th International R&D Brokerage Event in Textile and Clothing Sector 1st Rank, 2017

• UTİB 8th International R&D Brokerage Event in Textile and Clothing Sector 4th Rank, 2016

• UTİB 7th International R&D Brokerage Event in Textile and Clothing Sector 1st Rank, 2015

• TEYDEB Success Stories, 2014