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Corporate Governance

Our Committees form the basis of our corporate management approach. We created these committees to strengthen our corporate structure and ensure the sustainability of our business.

Corporate Governance Committee


The Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for checking whether or not the corporate governance principles are being implemented, if not understanding why and detecting the resulting conflicts of interest, advising the Board of Directors on ways to improve corporate governance applications, and overseeing the activities of the Investor Relations department. The committee is also responsible for internal nominations and wage determination. The committee convenes as frequently as required and keeps a written record of all activities.

Audit Committee


The Audit Committee is responsible for assessing the activity and adequacy of the internal control, risk management and internal auditing systems, overseeing the flow of information between these systems and the accounting and reporting systems and their overall integrity, conducting assessments on independent auditing companies to be presented to the Board of Directors prior to choosing them, regularly overseeing the independent auditing companies chosen by the Board of Directors and approved by the general assembly. The Audit Committee convenes every three months, a total of four times annually.

Early Detection of Risk Committee


The Early Detection of Risk Committee is responsible for detecting risks that have the potential to jeopardize the company’s existence, development, and continuation, taking preemptive measures for such risks and managing these risks. The committee convenes as frequently as required and keeps a written record of all activities. They present their activities and findings to the Board of Directors.

Sustainability Committee

We established our Sustainability Committee to better align company goals across departments, and the committee consists of board members, senior management, human resources manager, corporate communications manager, sustainability manager, and experienced environmental engineers. The Sustainability Committee convenes as often as necessary, but not less than three times a year. Risk analyses on sustainability and subjects on climate change are observed in the committee, where the action plan is decided upon in accordance with the needs of the company. Our activities, our value chain, and our solution partners’ expectations are also evaluated here. Furthermore, we also analyse industry reports, customer strategies, and the feedback of our stakeholders.

Working Groups:

  • Sustainable Product Design and Development
  • Sustainable Human Resources Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Care About Society
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management