Design forward: Sailing through the Winds of Change

Passionate about design, we produce stylish and durable women’s clothing to supply the garment industry worldwide.

We design and manufacture seasonal and capsule collections for many prestigious brands, primarily in Europe and Britain. Alongside the seasonal fashion collections, we deliver timeless styles and reinvented classics of knitted and woven wardrobe essentials.

01 Design

Designing the next generation clothing

We create best quality designs made of finest fabrics. We also develop various fabric qualities to increase material and design options for our clients. Always in tune with customer needs we deliver custom designs and capsule collections.

02 Production

Best results on schedule

We are very proud to be a trusted solution partner in design and production of mainly circular knit garments for premium global brands. Dedicated to sustainability, we offer innovative solutions and collaborate with our clients to deliver finest design high quality garments to customers worldwide.

03 Sustainability

Together For A Better Future

Dedicated to sustainability, our company culture is based on creativity, design and innovation. We determine our company goals and values by doing business economically, socially and environmentally sustainable as possible.

  • Sustainability Journey
  • Products Loved by Nature
  • Unique Culture and Great People
  • Respect for Environment
  • Driving Change with Big Data
  • Committed to Community