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Sustainability Journey

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Respect for Environment

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Respect for Nature Respect for People

We care for the environment and we strongly believe in building a sustainable economy to provide a better future for all of us.

Speaking the language of sustainability

Today with millions of people living in poverty and the planet’s resources are scarce more than ever, our values help us drive positive change and to act in a rewarding way as a trusted partner for the fashion industry. As one of the greatest clothing producers in Turkey and a solution partner for global brands we truly believe we can make a real difference. For us, style, design and production have to speak the language of sustainability, helping to transform the fashion industry for better.

For this reason, we determine our company goals and values by doing business economically, socially and environmentally sustainable as possible. For all processes we use ethical product sourcing. We invest in human resources to ensure future sustainability and we work towards ensuring all aspects of our business to be safer for the environment.

Over time innovative technologies and conservation practices will continue to evolve and redefine environmental sustainability and impacts while maintaining production capacity. To support sustainable development goals we implement sustainable solutions for all our processes.

Leading the way to a sustainable textile industry for generations to come

Our Sustainability Journey

We are aware of our current impact on the planet and we believe we should create a better tomorrow for future generations. We aim to make sustainability a part of SunGrup’s DNA.

For this reason, all our main corporate strategies and policies are defined within the sustainability framework. We plan all our actions and progress based on our sustainability plan which is structured on our corporate values.

As Sun Grup, we are a participant of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative UN Global Compact.

In this context, we have monitored and analyzed our activities and value chain. We took the comments of affected shareholders, analyzed sector reports and customer strategies. In line with the works that add values to our society and our business, we have identified the SDGs we can contribute to.

Our operations and activities are directly related to several of the 17 SDGs.

Serving the fashion industry, serving people, serving the world for a better future

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We have identified four SDGs, which we believe we have the greatest leverage and power to contribute.

All these decisions are taken by the sustainability committee. Board members, general managers of the group companies, human resources manager, corporate communication expert, sustainability executive, senior environmental engineer are the members of the sustainability committee.

Climate related issues and strategies, including risk assessments, strategies about sustainability are discussed during the sustainability committee meetings which are performed every two months. This committee prioritized 4 SDGs after analyzing activities, value chain and shareholder expectations.

These are:

  • SDG 5-Gender Equality
  • SDG 8-Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 9-Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 12-Responsible Consumption and Production