To Provide

the Best Results

We design and deliver capsule collections for famous European brands mainly in the UK and Spain.

Dedicated to sustainability at each stage of production, we manufacture mainly circular knit garments for women (95%) and we also produce children and men’s clothing (5%). Among Sun Tekstil’s clients are Inditex which includes brands like Zara, Bershka and Pull&Bear as well as some of the UK’s largest retailers such as M&S, Next and F&F.

Great attention to detail

Right after we get the client’s orders we start off with meticulous planning to provide the best results on schedule. To ensure that all products meet the quality standards, our quality assurance specialist team executes regular checks and reports throughout the production process and all the chemical and physical tests are done at the inhouse laboratories.

Our production facilities, two in Turkey and one in Sri Lanka, enable us an expanded production capacity and quick delivery in about 6 weeks. Long Lead expectations of our clients are met at the same high standards by our liaison office in Sri Lanka. Sun Tekstil and Ekoten are sister companies and part of Sun Grup.

Highest export volume in the Aegean Region

Listed among the top 500 companies in Turkey, Sun Tekstil has consecutively ranked as the biggest Exporter in 2018 and 2019, righteously making it the company with the highest export volume in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Although Sun Tekstil’s strength lies in circular knitwear, we have been producing woven products since 2018 which now accounts for about 10% of our turnover.

On average, Sun Tekstil is capable of manufacturing 3 million pieces per month. 10% of this volume is manufactured in-house at our production units in Torbalı and Manisa. Sub-contractors manufacture the remaining amount which gives the company a flexible and dynamic structure.

The advantage of working with subcontractors is the capability of quickly responding to capacity increase demands which results in meeting customers’ short-lead expectations without delay. Our average delivery lead time periods range between 4 to 6 weeks. Deliveries for repeat orders are as short as 2 to 3 weeks.

Sun Tekstil is capable of manufacturing 3 million pieces per month.

Respect to nature and people

With all our support for a stronger community, we serve our clients best quality garments made through innovative technologies and lead the way to sustainability in the fashion industry with respect to nature and people.

Throughout the years we proved to be right by investing not only in technology but in human resources as well. Our Process Improvement Team regularly checks over all the production stages with the aim to be a constantly changing and progressing company adapting to current circumstances. Our management system utilises digitalisation, management with data, big data at all production phases.

Thanks to our organisational structure, we operate on a superior supplier management system which means that customer expectations in terms of service quality, lead time performance, product quality and standards compliance are met at the highest levels based on a sustainable manufacturing management approach.

The supplier management system works around a holistic grading system and with our Circular Excellence Centre we have established a method that regularly provides training and development for our suppliers.

Our Cutting Audit Teams, Quality Assurance Teams and Code of Conduct Teams work relentlessly in the field to ensure active auditing, management and implementations with the ultimate objective of operational excellence.