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Unique Culture and Great People

We care deeply about our family

The success of our company is made possible by the incredible devotion and loyalty of the Sun Tekstil family. Our approach to all our stakeholders and employees is based on our values as a company. We strongly believe in designing our dreams, constantly developing, caring deeply, loving what we do, and achieving the best.

Women in Sun Tekstil


While 83% of our board members are women, women also make up 62% of all managers and 46% of all employees in Sun Tekstil.

We strongly believe in equal opportunity and our workforce reflects our work in women’s empowerment.

Women on the Board of Directors

Women in Management

Women in All Employees

Talent Programs for Future Generations

We inspire young generations through internship programs and collaborative projects with universities. Our aim is to provide meaningful opportunities for high school and university students to build real projects in professional life. In the last three years, we hired 24% of our interns after graduation.

SAP ile DijitalleşiyorSUN! (You are digitalizing with SAP!)

This project is a young talent program where we aim to offer young talents who are studying preferably in Computer, Software, Industry, Mathematics, Statistics and Management Information Systems departments of universities in Izmir. In cooperation with Sun Tekstil, Women in Technology Association (Wtech) and SAP, the aim of the program is; to build a career in accordance with the requirements of the age by combining young talents with technology.

Gelecek SUN’da (The Future at the SUN)

It is a young talent program designed to prepare 3rd or 4th year students in Textile Engineering, Fashion and Graphic Design, Industrial and Management Engineering departments for professional life and contribute to their professional development.

Sun Design Project

Our annual design program created for fashion and graphic design students all around the country. The selected students get the chance to spend two weeks at Sun Tekstil, work with our design, sampling, and modelling teams with the goal of creating their own capsule collections. The final collections are exhibited in different cities and gain wide publicity.

Digitalise the Next

A workshop program designed to bring together fourth year students from computer engineering, software engineering, mathematics, statistics, and industrial engineering. The program aims to provide the students with work experience, and attract the best talent to accelerate the digitilization of the company.

The generations employed in Sun Tekstil

Generation X

Generation Y

Generation Z

Development for All Our Talents

We strongly believe in the immense power of investing in human capital, and this belief is reflected in our approach to personal and professional development. Our company programs are designed to provide hands-on development for all our employees and solution partners. Through addressing different areas of development, we aim to create not only a better company but also stronger bonds between our people.

Çözümünü Sun (Offer Your Solution)

Our internal development program open to all employees in the company, from all positions. The program aims to invite the process stakeholders to offer their own solutions to current process problems. Apart from its direct practical benefits, the program has been extremely successful in the development of presentation skills, interpersonal skills, open communication, project management, and teamwork.

Adım Adım Koçluk Programı (Coaching Program)

Our internal coaching program where all work processes for every position are taught and explained with real-life examples and field studies. This program is aimed at standardizing our work processes throughout the company.

Hep Beraber Birlikte (Together Altogether)

Our internal program specifically designed for the development of our blue-collar teammates. We organize and host a variety of educational programs through this initiative, aimed at improving communication, efficiency, and personal development.

Mesleki Eğitim ve Gelişim Merkezi – MEGEM (Vocational Education and Development Center)

Vocational Education and Development Center (MEGEM) aims to ensure that women are brought into business life in 2022. It is an education and employment program initiated to provide employment to unemployed women.

Personal Development Programs

Our educational collaboration with different educational companies offers our employees personal development programs and educational content designed for their specific positions and needs.

Sun Akademi Digital Training Platform

Our online digital training platform open to all employees, available for free any time and anywhere. We have a wide range of educational programs available for both professional and personal development.


Active Users


Total Course Hours


Number of Content

Projects with the Community

We know that our impact goes far beyond our company, our industry, and our hometown. This is why we have been working with non-profit organizations and commerce chambers around the country. Our community projects aim to reach students and entrepreneurs working in a variety of fields, and inspire young generations.

Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation – EÇEV

As part of our valuable cooperation with the Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation – EÇEV, which we started in 2018, we provide educational scholarships to the children of our employees. We supported 40 students in the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year and the fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year through processes carefully carried out by EÇEV experts. Thanks to the activities, education and social responsibility experiences offered by EÇEV within the scope of our valuable cooperation, our
students have more development opportunities.

Koç University Anatolian Scholarship Program.

In 2021, as part of the scholarship protocol we signed, we became one of the corporate supporters of Koç University Anatolian Scholarship Program. The Anatolian Scholarship Program offers a second opportunity to scholarship candidates who are preparing for university in disadvantaged regions of our country with limited educational opportunities and who are not eligible for a scholarship at Koç University despite being in the top 1% of the placement exam. As part of this program, we are supporting one student in 2021 and two students in 2022 throughout their education.

UNHCR-ACNUR Uganda Refugee Camps

We are working to contribute to the 2030 goals set within the scope of the SDGs to eliminate inequalities
in the world and fight poverty and hunger. We contributed by donating clothes to UNHCR-ACNUR Uganda Refugee Camps with our partner, one of our important customers.

Yanındayız Association

In line with our prioritized goals of ensuring gender equality in the business world, we are improving our work day by day. As Sun Tekstil, in cooperation with our customer, a global brand based in Sweden, we have initiated efforts to organize Gender Equality (GE) trainings, which are provided free of charge by the Yanındayız Association, in the facilities of our suppliers located in priority regions. Priority regions were determined within the scope of the project carried out by Yanındayız Association with national and international partners.

Explore Our Sustainability Journey

1. Products Loved by Nature

We adopt an environmentally friendly approach in all our processes, from design sketch to product.

2. Respect for the Environment

The textile and apparel industry is one of the most damaging sectors to the environment and this has led us to focus more on protecting the future of our planet.

3. Driving Change through Big Data

We multiplied the efficiency level of our sustainable design and production processes with our digital transformation practices.

4. Unique Culture and Great People

Creating an inclusive environment where our colleagues can be their best selves increases productivity, sustains our business continuity and helps us to attract and retain talent.